In a Christian culture driven by logic, emotion, and worldly desire, rather than authentic faith, Kevin Adams and his family have had to make the same choice that more and more Christians are now facing:

Continue down the wearied path of Committed Christianity, where striving to improve oneself is hailed as “aiming to be like Jesus.”

Or, completely surrender the importance of one’s life by laying it down on His word, and be led completely by the Spirit of God that dwells within us as sons and daughters- Surrendered Christianity.

It’s simple really, striving glorifies man; surrender glorifies God. But the choice is not always clear above the gunky facade of modern Christianity that today bears an unsettling resemblance to the world.

Kevin’s mission is to provide living proof of God’s goodness that will inspire believers to let go of everything, and literally live by faith in a trustworthy Father.

His testimony holds open the door and provides a front row seat for anyone in need of rest, encouragement, and fresh direction, by inviting them to actually witness, and be inspired by the truth that we have an amazing Father – One who is eagerly waiting for us to rest in His arms like happy children. And, that not only can we learn to hear His voice, but live confidently by it – just like the heroes of scripture.


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